noiembrie 25, 2014 at 12:00 am
NY 82601, United States
Children care

My aunt friend Audry’s sons have both had troubled lives, especially Joe. Joe is in jail. He beat up and raped his ex-wife. I guess he was on a drunken rage of sorts. He is just such an abusive person. He needs lots of prayers. Noah is the other son. Audry is upset because he has a wife and children and Noah announced that he thinks he is gay and wants a divorce and leave his family. Please pray for her sons.

Please pray God heals the whole situation with Joe attacking, abusing, and sexually assaulting his ex-wife. Pray God obliterates in Joe whatever has caused him to do this and whatever causes him to hate women. Pray God heals his ex-wife 100% in all ways. Pray God heals Noah about leaving his wife and about being gay and God heals him 100% in all ways. Pray God heals his family to be strong in the event Noah does leave. Also, pray God heals the couples in the world so they love each other and treat each other well and pray God heals the situation with them and their families so they can a strong family and a better life.

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